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Alloy analysis, scrap sorting and Positive material identification with ElvaX ProSpector

ElvaX ProSpector implements fast and accurate PMI (Positive Material Identification) testing at any steps of alloy manufacturing or in-process alloy installation. Composition and grade of an alloy determine its durability, heat and corrosion resistance. Knowing alloy grade allows engineers, suppliers, plant workers to be sure in material properties.

X-Ray fluorescence handheld spectrometer is an ideal tool for PMI because of excellent precision for metals in wide concentration range (from ppm to 100%), fast results getting (several seconds) and non-destructive testing. Also ElvaX ProSpector analyzer uses standard-less fundamental parameters algorithm with specify coefficients for different alloy types, so you donít need to do any calibration for various samples.

ElvaX ProSpector rapidly and accurately identifies pure metals and alloy grades including, but not limited to:

∑ Magnesium alloys;

∑ Aluminum alloys;

∑ Titanium alloys;

∑ Stainless steels;

∑ Low alloy steels;

∑ Tool steels;

∑ Cobalt alloys;

∑ Nickel alloys;

∑ Copper alloys, brasses and bronzes;

∑ Zinc alloys;

∑ Solders;

∑ Precious alloys;

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 Testing report about alloy analysis with ElvaX ProSpector

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