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Analysis of clays, ceramics, limestone, slag and other oxide materials on ElvaX Light

X-Ray fluorescence analysis is a fast and simple testing method for quantitative analysis of various oxide materials, such as clays, slags, limestone and etc.

Main advantages of ElvaX XRF analyzers are simple sample preparation, high accuracy and precision, short measurement time and universal calibration based on fundamental parameters algorithm, which allows analysis of different elements in wide concentration range without specific calibration.

Main task of ElvaX spectrometer is quantitative measurement of the following oxides: CaO, SiO2, Al2O3, Fe2O3, SO3, Na2O, MgO, K2O, P2O5, TiO2, Mn2O3, ZnO, SrO and etc.

ElvaX spectrometers analyze minerals and materials including, but not limited to:

· Clays (kaolin, bentonitic);

· Ceramics;

· Spars;

· Sand;

· Limestone;

· Cement;

· Archeological objects;

· Construction materials;

· Slag and ash;

Download ElvaX Light for Clays analysis (0.581 μΑ)
 Testing report about analysis of clays and oxide materials on ElvaX Light

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