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Coating thickness measurement with ElvaX ProSpector

Measurement of metal coating such as galvanized zinc over steel is an important task for quality and price control in various industries, such metals industry, electronics, and jewelry. Critical requirement to analysis method is indestructibility. ElvaX ProSpector provides non-destructive, fast and accurate coating thickness measurement without any calibration. Just “from the box” you can measure coatings of any metal at any substrate!

Typical types of coatings are:

· Zinc over iron/steel;

· Chrome over iron/steel;

· Nickel over iron/steel;

· Copper over iron/steel;

· Gold over copper;

· Copper over aluminum;

· Molybdenum over titanium;

· Nickel over copper;

· Any other metal over any base;

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 Testing report about coating thickness measurement with ElvaX ProSpector

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