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Analysis of soils, sediments, waste water and air filters with ElvaX ProSpector

ElvaX ProSpector is a fast, accurate and easy tool for non-destructive environmental screening. It provides in situ and intrusive analysis of pollutants in soils and sediments. ElvaX ProSpector meets all the requirements of EPA Method 6200 and measures all harmful metals including RCRA 8s and priority pollutant metals (except Be).

ElvaX ProSpector solves several environmental problems:

· Soil and sediment analysis. Both in-situ and lab measurement of harmful metals in soils according EPA 6200.

· Liquids analysis. Measurement of toxic pollutants in waste water, lead in paint.

· Air pollutants analysis. Measurement of air filters according EPA IO-3.3.

Download ElvaX ProSpector in environmental analysis (0.564 μΑ)
 Testing report about soil, sediment and air filters analysis with ElvaX ProSpector

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