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Analysis of ores, concentrates and geochemical mapping with ElvaX ProSpector

ElvaX ProSpector is a fast, accurate and easy tool for different mining applications. It provides on-site analysis of ore samples with minimal sample preparation, reducing the time for lab assay from days to minutes. ElvaX ProSpector uses fundamental parameters method for ore sample analysis without the need of any calibration standards. However it is also possible to make empirical calibrations for more accurate analysis of certain ore types.

ProSpector LE is equipped with large area Silicon Drift detector, which performs analysis of light elements, such as aluminum, phosphorous, silicon without helium purge. Light elements analysis is very important for understanding sample mineralogy, and it is critical for analysis of certain types of minerals such as bauxite and limestone.

ElvaX ProSpector can be used for on-site analysis at all ore processing stages.

Exploration. ProSpector is good for fast screening of vast areas due to the light weight and mobility of the instrument.

Mining.†ProSpector provides easy ore grade control and allows you to make quick decisions.

Processing. Analysis of ore concentrates during the enrichment process is also a simple task for ElvaX ProSpector. Both primary elements and trace elements can be accurately measured due using the fundamental parameters method.

Geochemical mapping. ElvaX ProSpector offers wireless connection to external GPS systems and can store GPS coordinates with each measurement. GPS data can be imported to any GIS application for mine mapping.

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 Testing report about ores and concentrates analysis with ElvaX ProSpector

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