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Fuel and oil analysis for sulfur and wear metals using ElvaX Light

ElvaX Light is a powerful and productive instrument for analysis of petroleum products, such as automotive fuels (gasoline, diesel), lubricating oil, crude oil, heavy fuel oil and other. This products is analyzed for sulfur and chlorine content, for wear metals and additives.

Due to low detection limits (down to ppm level) and minimal required sample preparation ElvaX Light is an ideal tool for petrochemical analysis.

Key applications include:

· Sulfur in automotive fuel. Sulfur forms damaging sulfates in vehicle exhaust and pollutes the atmosphere by sulfur oxides. Furthermore sulfur reduces fuel stability and effects on engine performance.
Maximum permissible level of sulfur in fuel decreases from year to year. XRF is a recommended technique in several testing methods, such as ASTM D4294.
ElvaX Light fully complies ASTM D4294 requirements.

· Unused lubricating oil analysis. Some oils are formulated with organo-metallic additives, which act, for example, as detergents, antioxidants, and antiwear agents. Oil additives usually contain Mg, Si, P, S, Cl, Ca, Cu, Zn, Mo and Ba.
ASTM D6481 is a method for determining of phosphorus, sulfur, calcium and zinc in unused lubricating oil.
ElvaX Light fully complies ASTM D6481 requirements and in addition can measure other elements (Mo, Ba, Mn).

· Monitoring of wear metals in used lubricating oils. Concentration of wear metals in the oil may indicate engine damage. For example, Cu and Sn from bearing and bushing wear Cr and Mo from piston rings and seal, Al and Si from catalyst residues.
ElvaX Light can easily measure low concentrations of wear metals (Fe, Cu, Pb, Sn, Ni, Zn, Al, Cd, Ag, Ti, V and other) in lubricating oil.

Download ElvaX Light for Petrochemical analysis (0.551 μΑ)
 Testing report about automotive fuel and oil analysis for sulfur and wear metals using ElvaX Light

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