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Analysis of precious metals and jewelry goods with ElvaX Jewelry Lab

Accurate testing of precious metals is a critical task at all times because of high price of those metals. Even low change of gold concentration leads to significant change of product cost. Also non-destructive analysis is a most important requirement to testing method.

ElvaX Jewelry Lab spectrometer is an ideal instrument for precious metals analysis due to its excellent precision, non-destructive testing and high productivity. Jewelry Lab provides reliable results at every stage of the precious metals life cycle (from the manufacturing stage to finished product to the recycling).

ElvaX Jewelry Lab solves a wide range of precious metals industry tasks:

· Gold karat classification of jewelry on the small spot (down to 1 mm spot diameter);

· Analysis of gold alloys;

· Analysis of silver alloys;

· Analysis of platinum and palladium alloys;

· Identification of gold, silver, platinum and palladium in dental alloys;

· Detection of gold plating.

Download ElvaX Jewelry Lab in precious metals analysis (0.641 μΑ)
 Testing report about precious metal analysis with ElvaX Jewelry Lab

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