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Specialized ElvaX Sulfur in oil analyzer

ElvaX Sulfur in Oil was designed especially for analysis of petrochemicals for sulfur content in wide concentration range from 1 ppm to 5%. Many international standards describes analysis method for sulfur in fuel and oil. ElvaX Sulfur in Oil analyzer fully complies requirements of ASTM D4294, ISO 20487, IP 496.

Due to low detection limits (down to ppm level) and minimal required sample preparation ElvaX Sulfur in Oil analyzer is an ideal tool for petrochemical analysis.

Sulfur forms damaging sulfates in vehicle exhaust and pollute the atmosphere by sulfur oxides. Furthermore sulfur reduces fuel stability and effects on engine performance.
Maximum permissible level of sulfur in fuel decreases from year to year. 2003/17/EC (or EURO VI) directive requires a maximum amount of sulfur in fuel of 10 ppm.
Measurement of so low sulfur concentration is a simple task for ElvaX Sulfur in Oil analyzer.

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