Application notes

Articles ABC
Alloy analysis and PMI

Alloy analysis, scrap sorting and Positive material identification with ElvaX ProSpector

Precious metals and jewelry

Analysis of precious metals and jewelry goods with ElvaX Jewelry Lab

Mining and Exploration

Analysis of ores, concentrates and geochemical mapping with ElvaX ProSpector


Analysis of soils, sediments, waste water and air filters with ElvaX ProSpector

Petroleum products

Fuel and oil analysis for sulfur and wear metals using ElvaX Light

Sulfur in oil

Specialized ElvaX Sulfur in oil analyzer

Regulatory Compliance

RoHS, WEEE, ELV, CPSIA, Prop. 65 Directives compliance with ElvaX ProSpector


Analysis of 13 main oxides in cement with ElvaX Light

Car catalytic converters

Analysis of car catalysts for platinum group metals with ElvaX ProSpector

Coating thickness

Coating thickness measurement with ElvaX ProSpector

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