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Expense materials for XRF

The SPEX SamplePrep Geno/Grinder was originally designed as a titer plate shaker for extracting DNA from plant tissue.

This involved shaking two sealed, 96-well titer plates with plant tissue, buffer, and a steel grinding ball in each well. The versatility of the Geno/Grinder design enables it to accommodate a wide variety of sample containers and sample types. Not only can it be used for high-throughput cell disruption and DNA extraction, it can also be used for lysing bacteria and yeast. The list of Geno/Grinder accessories has been greatly expanded making it possible to grind a much wider range of samples. For example, the new Cryo-Blocks and related cryogenic accessories can be used for extracting RNA and proteins from both plant and animal tissue.

SPEX SamplePrep Freezer/Mills are cryogenic mills that use liquid nitrogen as a coolant. They can be used to grind any plant or animal tissue such as roots, stems, fresh bone, cartilage, muscle, hair, and other tough samples not suited to the Geno/Grinder.
Freezer/Mills rapidly pulverize samples at temperatures that preserve RNA and proteins. SPEX SamplePrep mills give you that critical edge in many biological applications including extracting nucleic acids from all plant and animal tissue.


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SPEX SamplePrep 2000 Geno/Grinder

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