Grinding Vials and Accessories for the 6770 SPEX SamplePrep Freezer/Mill

6751 Grinding Vial Set

6751 Small Grinding Vial Set

Set includes stainless steel impactor, two end plugs, and four polycarbonate center cylinders (6751C4). Makes one complete vial plus three spare center sections. Transparent plastic allows visual check of grinding progress. Sample capacity 0.5mLto 4.0mL.

6752 Steel Center Cylinder

6751C4 Small Polycarbonate Center Cylinder

For 6751 vial set; sold in units of 4. Also sold in units of 20 (6751C20). Polycarbonate is durable but should be cleaned with hot water and detergent, not organic solvents.

6753 Microvial Set

6752 Small Steel Center Cylinder

For 6751 vial set. Replaces 6751C when sample contact with plastic is not advised. Made of nonmagnetic stainless steel.

6753C Microvial Sample Extraction Tool

6753 Microvial Set

Three 6753V Microvials with holder. Each 6753V has stainless steel end plugs, center cylinder and impactor. Holder contains three 6753V Microvials for simultaneous operation. Sample capacity 0.1 0.5 mL each.

6753C Microvial Sample Extraction Tool

For removing ground samples from Microvials. The 6753C is inserted into an individual vial, then pushed through to clear sample from the tube. Shown with 6753V Microvial.

6754 Extractor/Vial Opener

6754 Extractor/Vial Opener for Small Vials

The Extractor/Vial Opener lifts 6700-series vials in and out of the Freezer/Mill, and is used to remove the vial end plugs from the center section. One 6754 is supplied with each 6770 Freezer/Mill and as part of the 6870S Accessory Package.

6755 Vial Rack for Small Vials

For 6751, 6753, 6761, and 6771 Vial Sets. Glass-reinforced acetal rack holds up to sixteen vials for storage and handling. One 6755 Vial Rack is supplied with each 6770 Freezer/Mill and 6870S Accessory Package.

6761 Small Poly-Vial Set

6761 Small Poly-Vial Set

For grinding soft tissues without metal contamination. End plugs and center cylinder are polycarbonate, impactor is polycarbonate-encapsulated steel. Set includes one complete vial plus three spare center sections. Sample capacity 0.5 mL to 4.0 mL.

6771 Small Cr-Free Vial Set

6771 Small Cr-Free Vial Set

For RoHS/WEEE testing of electronic components for chromium. End plugs and impactor are Cr-free ASTM 06 steel. Will not add Cr to sample like stainless steel components of 6751 Vial. Set includes three extra 6751C cylinders. Sample capacity 0.5 to 4.0 mL.

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