SPEX SamplePrep 6870 Freezer/Mill®

SPEX SamplePrep 6870 Freezer/Mill®

6870-115 Freezer/Mill – For 115 V/60 Hz operation.
6870-230 Freezer/Mill – For 230 V/50 Hz operation, CE Approved.
• Stores 10 grinding programs.
• Grinds samples in the 1 to 100 gram range.
• Larger cryogenic impact grinder with selfcontained liquid nitrogen tub and insulated case.
• Touch-screen controls for programming grinding cycles and times, impact rate, pre-cooling and cooling times.
• Coil holds one large vial, one mid-size vial, or up to four 6700-series vials.
• Large vials include standard 6801 Grinding Vial with optional 6802 Steel Center Cylinder, and New 6871 Cr-Free Vial for RoHS/WEEE testing.
• New Mid-Sized Vials include standard 6881 Grinding Vial, 6883 Cr-Free Vial, and 6885 Poly-Vial for grinding soft tissues with no metallic contamination.
• Small vials include standard 6751 Grinding Vial, New 6771 Cr-Free Vial, and New 6761 Poly-Vial.
• 6820 Auto-Fill System available for automated filling with liquid nitrogen.
• Safety features include LN sensor and lid interlock.
• Liquid nitrogen necessary for operation.
• 6870 Freezer/Mill supplied with choice of 6870L Accessory Package for large vials or 6870S Accessory Pakage for small vials.
• Accessory packages for Mid-Sized Vials sold separately.
• New model 6870 Freezer/Mill replaces 6850 Freezer/Mill.

Dimension:201⁄2 in. (52 cm) x 211⁄2 in. (55 cm) x 18 in. (46 cm)
Weight:42 lbs. net (19 kg); 48 lbs. (22 kg) gross
Voltage:115 V/60 Hz or 230 V/50 Hz
Power Cord:3-prong standard North American plug for 115 V/60 Hz version
2-prong European CEE 7/7 plug for 230 V/50 Hz version


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SPEX SamplePrep 6770 Freezer/Mill®

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