Pressing and Pelletizing


Pulverizing and Blending

Pressing and Pelletizing


Expense materials for XRF

Line of XRF spectrometers (XRF analyzers) models:

SPEX SamplePrep Pellet Dies and Accessories

SPEX SamplePrep dies are designed to fit all SPEX SamplePrep presses, and they are equally compatible with other standard laboratory presses using stand-alone dies.

SPEX SamplePrep-Carver Model M

25-ton (22.7 metric ton) and 12-ton (10.9 metric ton) manual hydraulic press.

SPEX SamplePrep-Carver Manual Hydraulic Presses

SPEX SamplePrep 3628 Air-Actuated Bench-Press®

SPEX SamplePrep 3630 Automated X-Press®

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