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  • ElvaX ProSpector II - handheld XRF Analyzer

    ElvaX ProSpector II - handheld XRF Analyzer

    Elvatech is proud to introduce handheld XRF analyzer - the ElvaX ProSpector II - latest XRF portable spectrometer

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  • ElvaX - XRF analyzer

    ElvaX - XRF analyzer

    ElvaX is a desktop energy-dispersive X-ray fluorescence EDXRF analyzer equipped with miniature X-Ray tube and PIN-diode X-Ray detector.

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  • XRF analyzer - ElvaX mini

    XRF analyzer - ElvaX mini

    ElvaX mini is a compact desktop energy-dispersive X-ray fluorescence - XRF alloys analyzer. It is right and affordable solution for jewelry industry, alloy sorting, express QC in metallurgy (metal analyzers).

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Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment Directive

RoHS analysis

Restriction of Hazardous Substances Directive or RoHS.


Elvatech Ltd. is an R&D enterprise based in Kiev, Ukraine.

X-ray spectroscopy

About XRF spectrometers

ElvaX Jewelry Lab

ElvaX Jewelry Lab
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 ElvaX Jewelry Lab Overview brochure
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 ElvaX Jewelry Lab in precious metals analysis - Application note
ElvaX Jewelry Lab was designed for high-accuracy analysis of precious metals and jewelry. Measurement process takes only several seconds; result is shown in % and karats. ElvaX Jewelry Lab is also capable of detecting coatings and nonstandard alloys. The instrument can be operated both using the embedded hi-res display and using ElvaX software installed on a PC. The integrated CCD camera allows you to target the required spot of the analyzed sample. Automatic collimator change allows you to select the required measurement spot diameter. ElvaX Jewelry Lab has integrated high-accuracy scales and an integrated printer, which allows you to print out analytical certificates containing chemical composition, weight, and even price. A rechargeable Li-ion battery allows for analysis in the field.

Fields of application

EllvaX Jewelry Lab is used for qualitative and quantitative analysis of precious metals. Analysis accuracy is at least 0,1%.

  • Jewelry analysis
  • Precious metals refining industry
  • Precious metals assay

User advantages

  • High speed and accuracy
  • Intuitive interface. Autonomous operations as well as connected to a PC
  • Coatings detection
  • Compact. Doesnt occupy much space on a counter.
  • Ergonomic design with a LED lighting looks very good in a jewelry shop.
  • Transparent lid sample is always seen by customer
  • Customer display samples weight and chemical composition are seen by customer during measurement
  • Additional customer screen can be connected to ElvaX Jewelry Lab
  • USB port for data export

  • Basic specifications

    Detectable RangeFrom Mg (12) to U (92)
    Measurement TimeFrom 1 second
    Power Supply100-240 V, 50 60 Hz
    Power (Watt)20 Watt
    Analytical Chamber Dimensions185 mm × 212 mm × 90 mm
    Weight7 kg

    Read more about XRF applications!

    Technical characteristics

    X-ray source

    X-ray tubeW anode
    250 um Be window
    X-ray generatorvoltage: 7-40 kV, adjustable in 100 V steps
    current: 0-200 uA, adjustable in 0.2 uA steps
    maximal power: 4 W
    Collimator changerOption: 5 positions auto changer
    Spot size2 mm. Option: collimators (from 1 to 10 mm)
    Stability0.1% per 8 hours

    X-ray detector

    Detector typePIN or SDD
    Active area6 mm2 (25 mm2 for SDD)
    Energy resolution165 eV (145 eV for SDD) at 5.9 keV (Mn Ka line)
    Be window thickness25 um

    Spectrometric processor

    Pulse processordigital pulse processor
    pile-up rejection
    pulse shape selector
    automatic adjustment to count rate
    ADC4096 channels
    PDA Processor1 GGz
    PDA Display5"


    Supported operation systemsWindows CE/Mobile for embedded computer
    Windows XP/Vista/7/8/10 for PC
    Quantitative analysis algorithmsfundamental parameters
    quadratic stepwise multiple regression

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